Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finding Practical Healing in a Financial/Eco-balanced World-gone-crazy

This is a cry from the heart. From the very depths of my being.
Please bear with me.

I have spent much time in the past few years watching how different forms of geo-engineering have been taking over mass seed-production, various versions of weather modification, and ionosphere-stretching (etc) in the proclaimed name of progress. Every time I see another example of those telltale crisscross patterns in the sky, I am reminded of the way the Earth's system of balance is being violated by powers and organizations beyond the ballot box, for reasons which are still not clear; the seemingly uncontrollable financial greed is fairly obvious, but there are pointers towards more insidious agendas which, if they turn out to be true, have the power now to destroy Earth-life as we know it - and most of us humans, too.

At a deep level, I have always seen that we humans are much more divine than we give ourselves credit for, much more powerful than we know. But there is another question which influences our ability to live our empowerment fully.

What happens in any organism when its very life-upholding systems are compromised by an avalanche of toxins or environments which stunt or hinder growth? (I'm not just talking individual plants, species or animals, here; I'm also talking systems and humans-in-tandem working together.)

When faced with extraordinary challenges, either one or the other of these things happen. Either the system adapts and becomes stronger. Or it withers and dies.

It isn't just the various species on Earth that are at risk, not just individual weather systems, not only certain humans. Our whole collective empowerment is being threatened at the deepest and most hidden existential level. Are we prepared to heal our collective blindness in order to see and then choose a radical empowered change?

It is not more enlightened to pretend that none of this is happening. And it may not be feasible for us, given the control systems which are now being put in place, physically to dismantle the complex apparatus which undergirds the destruction of our worlds, inside and out.

But I contend that it is possible, while we are still clear enough to take our divine power, to change the seemingly irrevocable destructive timeline and turn it into one of Joy and Expansion. By the power of that which is greater than whatever holds the destructive timeline together - by using the beyond-3D-powers planted in us by our Creator, the power already existing in Creation. And to do this quickly - before Creation itself has become so warped that we no longer can change anything in the amazing mixture of the physical and many-dimensional which we call this Earth Life.

My vision is that those of us who pray and dance and sing and make divine music and do “holy magic” will forget our sectarian differences and, in the name of Everything Divine, rise to the challenge we have staring us in the face.

When we pray and dance and sing and make divine music and do “holy magic” like this together we are shown powerful ways also to act in the physical – ways which never would have come to light otherwise (ask any Kalahari bushman, and he will tell you!!!)

Who's in?


Why in the world are they spraying?
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