Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Techno-human or Real Cocreative Divine Bio-diversity?

In a post on my cosmic zap blog, I suggest that everything we experience has a hidden gift - even if we do not see it or feel it at the moment 'whatever-it-is' is going on. This does not necessarily mean that 'everything comes to us for a reason' – a subtle difference – but that there are blessings even in the most horrific circumstances.

For the past few posts you may have noticed that what I have been blogging about in different ways has touched on the present state of our world and of our own health and consciousness. I do not subscribe to Al Gore's version of why the Earth is in the state she is, though I look with horror at the extent we, Her children in the west and elsewhere, still seem in many ways to be “carrying on as normal.” And though I am convinced there are half-hidden powers at work with agendas which are at odds with true bio-diversity and the mutual honouring between all of us in the Earth's sphere, I also believe that these agendas would not have become so advanced if we humans had dared to be courageously awake to what was happening.

I don't believe that spreading guilt is of much use. And the more I investigate the problems resulting from these agendas, the more I realise how much more thoroughly advanced they are than most of us imagine; adding guilt will not help us solve the seemingly unsolveable. However, if enough of us dare to face extreme discomfort and allow ourselves to see what is going on, we may yet be able to receive the gift. The gift could be enormous, depending on what we do.

The cosmic zap post refers to a film about Marion Woodman.

Dancing in the Flames (click for link)

For Marion Woodman and her interviewer, Andrew Harvey, Death is a necessity for Rebirth, both in Metaphorical terms and as Reality. In the Life-Death-Rebirth Process in terms of where we and the Earth are now, we have a drastic choice:

Will we allow the inevitable death of Earth-as-we-know-it
to lead to
annihilation, or to something Creatively New
- a Rebirth with amazing possibilities?

At the bottom of the page I list a couple of links to what is actually going on at the hidden level in our world. Pretending that this is not happening will not help us; finding the place in us where we say an absolute “STOP! NO MORE!” (if that is what we wish) and going deeply into our Creativity and our Compassion for and with Earth may.

I personally believe that this 11th-hour scenario as it is developing, can actually shake us into being the Powerful Co-creators we were intended to be.

Note -
o-creator” is not someone “playing God” - like those who would make us into techno-humans! (see also Link 2 below.)
Co-creator” refers to that mixture of sublime humility and consciously aware “superpower” which those many guru-models we have had from the past 2,500 years and more, have showed us again and again in their own lives.

Now it is our turn; and this is why we are alive here on Earth at this point in cosmic history.

How do we access and live this real divine power?

I will be exploring how in the next few posts.


The links
Link 1 (there are more links on the right-hand side)
Link 2 (mix humans with nanotechnology and what do we get?) 

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