Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Slightly Different Version of the Middle Way

In politics, in religion and spirituality, in ways of dealing with the law-breakers of society, there is often
the Middle Way

- neither too far left nor right, neither celibate nor wanton, neither vindictive nor complacent, etc.
Sometimes this can feel good, sometimes this may be utterly frustrating, but it's often seen and felt like 'common sense' - like doing the inner work for safe living, but making sure that you "tie up your camel, anyway" at the end of the day.

Middle ways have not, in general, spoken to me, I must confess. I often find them rather bland and common-sense "just-OK" with neither inspirational flavour nor improvisational possibility.

But the Middle Way that I would like to touch on is not like this at all. It doesn't seek to find the middle or common-sense ground. Rather, it asks us to re-appraise the centre and expand it exponentially.

As many of my readers know I am a fan of Michelangelo's whole-body representations. Many of them are standing (or half-lounging like Romans at a feast.) The seated yoga pose, where the body-centre is seen as the heart region, was not on Michelangelo's list.

For him, the centre, the middle, is the groin/hara area (or, to quote the Latin, the sacrum - the holy,) which is seen at its most obvious when the human figure is portrayed and seen standing with outstretched arms.

Back to this in a moment.

The past few posts, I have been taking up the question of our precarious Earth situation with regard to geo-engineering and experiments at blending man-made technology with the biological. For me, these ongoing "procedures" strike at the very heart of our "made in the divine image" co-creativity; it cuts the systems, known and unknown, observed and unseen which underpin our earth and human existence.

I am aware that many male scientists intent on advancing the "Singularity" would call anyone (like me) who is questioning the technological blending with human biology, backward. But what if the whole of this movement to "improve on God's designs" is based on a failed premise?

The designs which the Blender-Scientists and Researchers are creating to advance us towards "more immortal power" by developing (or replacing) the physical parts, are designed without addressing the nature of the whole. The whole in this case is the many-levelled nature of the body, its unseen properties as well as its seen, and in particular its immense capacity for kinds of connective vibration far beyond current understanding. Cutting and pasting foreign technology into the body actually disturbs and breaks down this innate vibrational essence, as anyone who has had a hip replacement for a few years can testify.

The Middle Way I am suggesting is actually centred on the area at the centre of Michelangelo's drawings and sculptures. In the same way as we humans (at present!) are created in the womb, so the unseen power of Creation's energy is also placed with its manifested centre here - the complex of Creation Energy on Earth emanates from this area - it is Creation's own Middle Way!

The unnatural activities happening above our heads and the nano-fibres now placed within us are signs of a modern world heading towards an Atlantean catastrophic tail-spin - it seems unstoppable. But, unlikely though this might seem, learning (quickly) to raise, expand and use the strength of what we have emanating from within - our direct connection to the Ultimate and Original Power of (re-)Creation - can actually be the decisive key which unhooks the planned "Matrix of Life through techno-numbers" so that it no longer has any power to enslave.

And that to my mind is a Middle Way to delight in!

More soon.

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