Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A way to take caring responsibility today if you're the passionate type

Because of the Sun Eclipse in passionate Scorpio, over the internet today people are being admonished by the “ascenders” to meditate stillness and peace. If peaceful, still meditation is what you normally do, please continue - this is your way.

But if you're the passionate caring type who feels deeply and allows the feelings corporally inside ie you say YES! to body-feelings of all types with fullness of expression, I beg you to remain true to you and expand your passionate self.
Here's why.

The anchoring of all human experiences and feelings together with Earth is a pre-requisite for us to remain in-consort-with Earth – not just the nice, peaceful experiences. The energies of the “nasty” - when they are owned and used in equally or more powerful ways - have the power to balance the “ascending beyond 5th dimensional reality”-energies (which take us out of our physical bodies) and thus enable us to be both physical and beyond at the same time.

BUT passionate and other strong energies – if they are
denied by those wishing to be spiritual – do not just “disappear” because of meditation – they are let free to be used by those who understand to use them. If we, the passionate ones don't embrace them, the hidden techno-godlets will (which may be why there appears to be an increase in things “techno-nasty” at the moment”.)

So, fellow-passionates, please let us use the eclipse time to bring wildest joy and passion together in bounds-breaking ways! Like playing really loud and extraordinarily creative rock-music, or dancing more wildly than ever, or making more passionate love longer and more wildly than ever, or pulling out all the stops on the biggest organ you can find and playing magnificently, or painting the largest canvas you've ever attempted (etc.) - I'm sure you get my drift.

This way, we don't allow anything to “leak” to those who cannot revel in the WHOLE of creation's amazing power!

PS If the fable (?) of Atlantis tells us anything, it is that the combination of techno-madmen (read; the “hidden” elite, those who control the bankers, those who poison our skies, the nano-technicians, etc) and ascending-outers gives the following result -

- since the “so-called spiritual” have left/ascended out of the planet
- since the remainder have been culled and put into slavery by the techno-controllers
- since the innate life-systems of divine creation have been despoiled beyond measure and since this “techno-earth solution” is absolutely against the core laws of the Universe, the cosmic balance and Earth itself destroy the techno-controllers, their “playing god”-creations and almost everything and everyone else.

Earth then has to “start again.” Do we really want to keep repeating this seemingly endless cycle?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Eyes have it.....

What are they looking at?

(see yesterday's post here)

Bishop Mariann Budde, Washington DC

I suddenly realized that with this level of expanded vibration and joyful fun, how little it matters what age, what country, what life-station (etc) - these eyes indicate a new paradigm of ecstatic riches which are irresistably unstoppable.

Whatever our walk of life, whatever context we are in, let us be inspired by such Presence and become It.
Irresistably unstoppable Presence


Friday, November 2, 2012

Life, Death and Transfiguration

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I have often written and spoken recently about the energies inside us which we can use to transform and expand
- ourselves

- the reality around us

I have talked and written about those strong energies (both 'positive' and 'negative') and our opportunity for their inner embracing and reintegration, and the deeper necessity for doing so – that is, for expanding ourselves through acceptance and through reframing (looking in a radically alternative way and from a quite different angle) rather than trying to “get rid of...”

Which brings me to....

the inner is the motor to change the outer

Children of the New Dream
It is said that the child pictured here has an expanded DNA with an immune system which kills HIV and cancers in their tracks.

Click on the picture for the story
– a transcript of an interview in which
the 100th monkey effect is mentioned.

The deep significance of this 100th monkey effect for us is that we also have the same DNA in our own systems; by being in vibrational alignment with children like this our own multi-dimensional vibrational bodysoul is fired up into expanded being.

No words are needed. No therapies. No real explanations. Just try this.

Look deeply into the child's eyes -
breathe gently and more wholly
keep doing that until you start feeling
a vibrational tingling in the entirety of your inner body.

Notice and continue. For as long as you wish.

Do this twice or three times a day for a month -
watch your body and your reality change.
Your body is reprogramming your mind (!) into expansion.

Whole incarnation is one of the cornerstones of the Divine Blueprint for Life in-consort-with and upon this planet Earth; by expanding our vibration this way we are becoming more wholly incarnated. The Divine dream in Eden is now coming to expanded fruition in us, as was intended "from the beginning."

Behold! I make all things new!

The words serpent and messiah have the same numerical value in ancient Hebrew. In ancient Hebrew, words with the same numerical value have the 'same expanded mystical meaning' - time to embrace our inner serpent and messiah!