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It gives me great pleasure that you have found your way here.

On these pages I'm sharing the ways I am learning to bring Heaven and Earth back together in my own life. The picture above is the northern coastline of the Dingle Peninsula looking over the water to The Paps of Dana and The Ring of Kerry, Ireland. 
Kerry is "the Kingdom" - where Heaven has come down to Earth.

It is my hope that reading what I write may inspire you on whatever part of the journey you are on.
An bhfuil tĂș damhsa liom? Would you like to dance with me?

If you would like to know what I do to help people - if there is something in your life which needs drastically changing NOW -

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John Overton

October 2012
Posta, Lazio, Italy 

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(There's a link on that page to some music I improvised in the summer of 2010.)  

The Rains of Abundance - Heaven on Earth!

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