Tuesday, October 23, 2012


You've heard it and seen it – Soaring Upwards is the “way to go.”

It's so familiar, it's everywhere .............

Whilst the majority of the world's population are swallowing
the lies and manipulations, the “we-club” - the “Enlightened”
and “Those of us who are Raising our Awareness” -
are going to “save the Earth” and “win the day”

And maybe the “unenlightened” will have to “come back again” or move on to some other “densities”....... like the “unsaved” going to the fundamentalist world's Hell.




actually result in

Arse-Up Elimination?

Is our rejection of the downwards, in real deeper truth, actually taking us away from the “illuminated goal” we are so intent on raising ourselves towards?

What have the “master teachings” down the ages shown us? Not just the precepts handed down from Jesus or the Buddha and their lineages, but from people like Daniel Odier's yogini, Devi, and other hidden, now re-emergingly empowered Goddess teachings....

Nothing is the way it seems -
especially for those who feel they are
on their way to ascended enlightenment...

Supposing “real personal betterment” (and real earth-connection and deeper advancement) comes not so much from “leaving the old matrix” and “ascending out of it” as from bending down to Earth, seeing those who are considered the poorest of the poor, the most miserable of the anguished (etc) in all their beauty, and rooting the “country of the new” through “I see you”-obeisence. In doing this, we are also honouring those parts in us which we have hidden as “ the unacceptibly poorest of the poor” - in confronting that deepest shadow, we are allowing it to be broken apart and seen and honoured.

Maybe this bending down kind of vibrating-together-with is actually more successful at turning the matrix inside out – by making it obsolete.

Maybe the real “up” is actually more base, more down, more dark, more messy! The corollation between down-dark-messy and the deepest human intimacy is striking! We meet most fully whole-levelled when our meeting is based(!) on the going down and in; and the most intimate creations of life come through some very dark and “smelly” and “messy” processes!

Don't get me wrong – I love mountains and the highs of existence, and “rising above” is a wonderful experience. Yet when there is inadequate anchoring (as any bridge-builder will tell you) there is nothing raised which can withstand the mightiest trials without cracking apart and tumbling.

Looking at the world, and looking within, I see those mighty trials are with us now.

What do we choose?

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