Saturday, September 29, 2012

Opening to the Centre on St Michael's Day

I've been exploring the shadowlands between “wolf-hour waking” and dream-drugged oversleeping.

The “wolf hour” is a Scandinavian term denoting that middle-of-the-night time when one becomes suddenly awake and unable to return to the deliciousness of sleep; often a time of worry or when strange ungrounded personal decisions seem absolutely logical and “the only way to go”! The next morning such “decisions” show themselves to be as mad as they really were!

I feel very lucky since throughout my life I've been able to sleep most nights without waking to that strange “wolf-time” angst.

And the waking I've experienced recently? It has been of a whole “other” experience!

It all started several weeks ago, quite unexpectedly.

I had been asked to do some “distance-healing clearings” - in some ways akin to a mild form of “exorcism” common to South American shamanic practice. For me, this is usually like clearing inner road-blocks; now I was dealing with elementally much stronger life-blocks which seemed to be preventing the experiencing of “more” - as though there was a deeper reason for me being called into service.

One night I was woken drastically from a dream state and suddenly felt tremors going through my body, rather like when I was being trained in Reiki many years ago, but much stronger than I remembered. I was awake but I was also part of a “heavenly vision” - I was immediately shown how to take the tremor in me and align it with something way beyond energy – a kind of multidimensional cosmic resonance. When I started to do this I was enveloped in the most wonderful experience of extraordinary ecstatic waves – it just kept going on and on.

I must have fallen asleep exhausted, but when I woke up I decided to “test” what I'd experienced in the night to see if it was a dream or not. I expected that I would not be connected as I had been – I've often tried to recreate visions and between-the-realms experiences in the normal waking state, and seldom succeeded.

This time was very different! I merely had to “imagine gently” that I was back in what I had experienced in the middle of the night and the ecstatic wave started again, just as powerfully. And it continued. Each time I even thought about what had happened, my body started to experience the “divine tremor” again – in fact, as I'm writing this, I'm receiving the same vibrations!

The following nights I was woken night after night to be shown a clearing “cosmic zap” - like wielding a St Michael sword in the beyond-multidimensionality. I was surprised by how really instantaneous the “zap” was. Incidentally, writing about this today, 29th September, is fun because it is Michaelmas – the Christian feast of St Michael and All Angels!

During these wakeful nights I was also shown and was able to experience a quick 3-step Multi-D Compost/Recalibration/Reconnection system for releasing anybody else's energy that I had inadvertently taken upon myself. I tend to have an empath “problem” where I assume that what I'm feeling belongs to me personally, rather than belonging to my tuning-in to others' energies. The system which I was shown immediately helped me “energetically” and easily to come “home” back to me. I have been using it ever since!

Since those waking-vision nights I've been woken several more times and shown a much stronger tremor to do with “Beyond the beyond-energy Vibration” – a kind of tapping into the fabric which holds universes together. And some interesting pictures about how to anchor these extraordinary resonances/patterns in our bodies and not “fly off” somewhere or to feel like we need to “burst open”.

Where this is leading is still partly a mystery. But what I do know is that the between-the-realms experience which has always been a common part of my day-to-day life as a musician and healing facilitator is now no longer an “over-there” imagined reality but a multi-dimensional tool which we can use to change things here and now in our everyday experience.

The difference from before?

It is the constant subtle resonant vibration which changes the way I see and experience things, so that I know (rather than “just believe”) that miracles are possible!

I've written more about it here.

Happy St Michael's Day!!!

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