Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Up and down

It has been an interesting long weekend. And I'm not talking about the Olympics - I'll leave that for some deeper discussions at a later date. 

The "interesting" aspect has been to do with inner stretching - how far "apart" can I go in thought, body-expression, soulful yearning and spiritual realm, erotic and manifesting "magic", bringing "Heaven to Earth" and expanded healing, until "I" either burst into pieces or find myself stepping through the veil of the current matrix?

In one of the versions of Chaos Theory - dealing with the deterministic (or not) nature of dynamical systems and their unpredictability - it is proposed that a relatively minute amount of chaos is necessary in all cosmic systems. Chaos provides a "force-against" - small enough not to be noticeable in most cases, but powerful enough to grow into a force which will overcome deeply-laid stable patterns and lead to unpredictable renewal or transformation.

When I started reading about Chaos theory just over 15 years ago, I was struck by the similarity to the Luciferian legend that we read about in Revelation; as though the way that the foremost archangel (Lucifer) - bearer of Divine Light - had "suddenly" turned "devil/monster" and amassed a huge following which must be destroyed (by Michael) or banished to Earth, was all minutely coded into the Divine Plan.

Those first incursions into how chaos "works" have now come into their own in my life, this summer 2012. 

At present, everything I've ever believed in, felt, thought about, absorbed from ancestors, relatives, societies I've been living in,  everything I've perceived that I've experienced etc (and much more!) is now "up for grabs" at levels which make me feel extremely uncomfortable - as well as curious, excited, yearning, afraid, passionate, wanting to hide, ready to open! 

I don't think the sexual connotations here are a co-incidence - the way we are expanding from our ordinary experiences of intimacy to a level which is unfathomable from an adolescent perspective, is a magnificent metaphor.

Maybe it's more than a metaphor. 

Maybe the Luciferian legend is showing us that the integration of what seems like destructive passion completely into our Ascension practices, is actually divinely necessary if we wish to avoid having to go through the cosmic veil of hellish suffering again and again.

More to come on this!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

What if nanochips could be.......?

Covered Bridge Potato chips ("crisps" for our English English readers...)?
The plain sea-salt variety?
- as though potato chips should have anything else in them but thinly sliced potatoes deeply and quickly fried in the best oils with just a touch of the best salt!?

Covered Bridge Kettle Chips
As a child in Yorkshire one Christmas, I remember watching as my uncle-in-law's brother deftly made crisps in his large metal frying-pan on that kitchen stove in the village deep within the moorland landscape.... Covered Bridge chips always bring back that cell-memory in me - the taste and smell!

The body's cells are incredible - each with their own mini-brain and water system and memories and ability to create - and the space which reminds us of the Spaciousness of the Universe. They can recreate themselves in extraordinary ways at the speed of lightening and beyond. They are "beautifully programmable"!

The present state of food-production in the world, like the money-system, is anything but joy to most people's taste, apart from the people in control - and there are signs that their power is crumbling fast in these very days. However, GMOs and nanochips (not a variety I consciously choose!) may well be with us for a while yet. It occurred to me that, since anything "nano-" is, in fact pre-programmed, will not our rise in conscious choice and awareness also be able to re-program these invaders? To our joy and ease rather than to our demise?

Could not our bodycells be bearers of these joy programs, jumping us into the ease and deliciousness we deeply yearn for? What would it take to join together in a global wave of ecstatic joy, peace, forgiveness and exultant connection with the Bounty of Earth and Her goodness, which would flip the switch of all "negative nanotechnology" within us and around us even more powerfully?

I choose to see and feel within me that deliciousness of those childhood Christmas chips (crisps!) What do you choose?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sparking "sparklies" like children.....

(counter-clockwise for the American continent)
"is the cosmic movement of
regeneration-in-line-with-our-galaxy and upwards-going.
Our modern society influences us to live in 
a clockwise downwards energy of doing/yang/male 
but this disintegrates us and causes ageing, disease, problematic living, etc. 
Our galactic energy is clockwise and upwards and yin/female 
- it helps us to ascend and regenerate."
I learned this today from Meg Benedicte.

Almost immediately a vision came to me. This is what I felt and saw....

Consider the waves of the beach - how they roll both clockwise and anti-clockwise - in and out. 

Without the downwards clockwise spiral no creation/manifestation, no bodies, no physically dirty earthiness ..........
Without the anti-clockwise spiral no expansion, no allowing, no Goddess-energy upwards..........

.... so I looked into the Heavens, into the complexities of the cosmos and took off my 4-D goggles, and I saw how everything interweaves and sparks "sparklies" off one another, like children playing, bumping into one another and giggling limitlessly.....

let's do the counter-clockwise spiral for regeneration.....

and then let's do the downward "deeply protective" clockwise spiral for the passion and the creation-experience.....

and then let's let these meet and expand into a mixture which is neither down nor up nor left nor right nor anything else.... and feel THAT vibration...

Oh God(dess)! 
That feels so sexy - like a deeper Creation, limitless all over again!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

IV - the story continues

he couldn't remember whether an event had been part of a dream or had really happened. That was one of the disadvantages of living and working alone; even if he liked to entertain overnight 'guests', there was no-one who was in his house on a regular basis, and the client studio was only used by him, so he couldn't ask anyone else.

As he sat wondering how time had stood still, he managed to convince himself that what had happened was not a dream.

There was the matter of the envelope with the $2000.

continue reading here

More thoughts on gaiagàsmic experience and new "yummy" projects
here and here

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Facebook fans

Aren't Facebook pages "interesting"?!?!

Anyway, I've created a Facebook John Overton public page here
Please do take a look and like! (If, indeed you do like it!!)

Blessings on your day.
(Hope you enjoyed the "wave" - I certainly did. Feeling really invigorated!)

Thank you!

Until next time!!!

Happy emoticon 
Watch this space!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Bliss Festival, Ireland has just found a new venue at the Morrisson Hotel in Dublin

We are delighted for you!
And we'll be sending our energy this Saturday to make the event even juicier and even more extraordinary! For times see this link.

God bless you all!

Money Magnet

More story coming soon...
In the meantime, one my favourite MONEY MAGNET-pioneers, Morgana Rae, has been on the "Masters Gathering" - replay is usually up for 48 hours.

When you Sign Up you get to listen free. Highly Recommended!

The "Masters Gathering"

Morgana's blog is here

the Gaiagàsmic Global Wave
in support of Bliss Festival Ireland,
tomorrow, Saturday, at 1pm, Irish time
See here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gaiagàsmic Global Blast for Ireland's Bliss Festival

or a chance for an even juicier event?

The organizers of Bliss Festival, Ireland, 4th-5th August 2012 have been told that the agreed venue is “no longer available to them
The festival is due to open  in 2 weeks' time.

(Click on the Bliss icon to go to their website.)

More on this event on the Gaiagàsmia blog here

This SATURDAY 21st JULY at 12 midday Irish time
 for 30-45 minutes,
there will be a co-ordinated magnum wave of orgasmic energy 
in support of the Bliss Festival.
(World Time Converter here to find the time in your region)


Please note
It is very important that there is no concealed program in this wave of healing, rather that “whatever is supposed to be done” will receive Divinely Orgasmic Energy at the highest level to help it on its way. The primary cause of any positive change will be our Joy and Ecstatic experience Together-as-One, as in all fun creation!

Facebook Event Page here 
International times here

are not always what they seem

It is easy these days to feel enlightenment stress.
All the current in-phrases repeated on the internet ("Be the change..." "You are not a body..." "There is no try..." "Meditation is the Way..." "Everything is Energy..."* etc) make it very tempting to go into hidden guilt over every way one feels one is not ascending into the new paradigm; mouthing affirmations of one's divine worthiness can feel like hypocrisy! 

Hidden inner programs have always been the delight of psychologists - after all, they earn good money from our phobias and supposed deep failures - yet these programs are usually "just programs", neither more nor less, hardly something to judge ourselves about. 
Seeing the world through bars?

One of the exercises I have been doing is to spend less time beating myself up with the "new-packaged-truths-as-aforisms" and instead spending more time seeing the inner wisdom inside of what may seem like abberant behaviour!! I've been inspired by Rikka Zimmerman's way of affirming the depth of OK-ness that lies in each of us, at our core. Quite challenging, given the way we see the "bad people" of our history!!

It's been especially important when seeming setbacks occur. 

Instead of seeing these setbacks as indications or outcomes of my "inability" to manifest or to stay out of judgement, I'm learning to watch them as interesting views on the journey - views which may be bearers of deeper knowings and truths. It's rather "cool" to see what happens inside when self-judgement turns to fascination and allows a sense of "What else is possible, here?" 
Eucharistic vessels used in Europe's northermost church - in Svalbard
 A feeling of lightness and joy!


We'll See 

Author Unknown 

Once upon a time, there was a farmer in the central region of China. He didn't have a lot of money and, instead of a tractor, he used an old horse to plow his field.

One afternoon, while working in the field, the horse dropped dead. Everyone in the village said, "Oh, what a horrible thing to happen." The farmer said simply, "We'll see."
read the rest of the story here ...

* I sometimes wonder if we have, almost unaware, traded old-paradigm "truths" for new-paradigm "mores" and, energetically, we're doing exactly what we used to, but with other words... 
OK, that's a blog-post for another day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

III ... something.. to tell you

sometimes seems impossible

Trying everything

letting go ....
not letting go and really doing things ....
going out into nature for long strenuous exercise ....
going out into nature just to be ....
not going out and really getting down to what's needed ....
sleeping much more ....
getting up early and really, really meditating ....
getting up early and really, really working hard ....
praying gently to god ....
not praying, but doing and taking 'real-world' steps ....
ignoring the internet ('time-out') ....
using the internet to reach out and be in contact and 'magnetize' ....
sharing in community and ....
being in that inner retreat space ....
just 'being in peace' ....
making a demand in unbridled fury and anger and 'cosmic-rage determination' ....

letting go .... 
not letting go and really doing things ....

What works?
If you find out will you let me know.


 ( The stranger had already begun.
I'm not really who you think I am.” ..... 

..... if you're following the when god got healed story, part III is here )

Monday, July 16, 2012

II ...some days


how some days would turn themselves on their heads; not occasionally producing insights from the driest-seeming desert, like an oasis actually being come upon through what seemed like a mirage.

But recently it hadn't been days, but weeks and weeks and weeks; these weeks had been following one another, throwing out shadows which could look real but always seemed to turn into dust. And even the “newest modality” was beginning to feel like a stopgap; yet another way of seeing and knowing which enchanted for a while and then began to fade, while taking ever more energy to pursue.

How the sudden release had come about he hardly remembered, just that it had an irresistible strength unlike anything he could recently recall - a deep insight had exploded into an unexpected challenge. He was trying to get his head around “being god” and “being conscious reality” and “being the feeling” when the words came roaring out of his mouth, “I'm carrying YOUR PAIN! It's not MINE!”

continue reading here ...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I - WOKEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT - a short(ish) story

by a strange message on the phone

a short(ish) story

He'd been playing with a new “modality” - as the new-agers say.
For over a week, clearing out “stuff” he never knew he had.
It was hard work and yet there was a lightness to it all - coming to terms with never quite “getting there” (not that he knew what “there” was, any more) and half-daring to feel that somethings (whatever they were) were about to change.

It was after one very exhausting day when elated laughter, deepest weeping, body-spasms of spontaneous vibration and all sorts of powerful feelings had been giving way to one another, that, in the middle of the dark night he woke and saw that the phone was blinking. A message.

Normally, he would have just gone back to sleep, but, without a thought, he went to the phone and listened to the message.

“Hello - you asked me yesterday if I was willing to heal, or else you wouldn't work with me any more.”
continue reading here .....

Thursday, July 12, 2012


was when each new way was true -
or was it true because the appearing
hadn't become stale
until the ease faded
and I did not know


does it take to reach
not know
really reach not know


is not for the determined
not for the wounded
or the self-searcher
or the pilgrim of mission


could ask me to change

Would I dare to go
where Delight is fully


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It turned out to be easy this time.

I had no idea what the next  action in being true to the inner muse would be.
The more I tried to imagine what alternatives there could be, the dimmer the pictures which came up. I surrendered and went to sleep - I would like to think that I was consciously allowing the wisdom of what I would do practically to ground it into my being. I suspect it was unconscious - like I often am when sleeping!

The morning sun woke me - nothing from dreams, nothing from what I saw around me. I went about my morning in that half-world of both (all) realities at once, so familiar and always different.

I knew. 

I can't describe where the knowing came from. My body "jolted" a little, that's all - I was to share what I'd written. Specific instructions in a word. 

When I think of it, this is so obvious; the INTERFACE is about the meeting, the sharing. At all levels, within and without, and very much person-to-person. Yet I needed it to land in me, for the idea to meet me in the flesh!

I found myself smiling through the morning with a subtle feeling of anticipation. 



The blog's set up, there are links and information pieces about me.
There will be more, but now the new busyness is over and it is time to step into the water. 


(There is a question being asked....)
"What is the first thing you would like to do to live and spread the interface you talk about?"
I feel all sorts of unknowns, as though they would stop me.
(Another question, going deeper.... or, really the same question, but more pointed....)
"What exactly would you like to do? What do you yearn for?"

suddenly the reality of Creation is not something far away, long ago, but now!
The yearning of Creation in me is making demands of me.
Two things that I must do
Answer the question without editing in any way whatsoever.

And, as long as I do not hurt anyone, to go and do and live my answer as fully as possible.
Not in some distant future, but now.


(to be continued ~~~~~~!)

Some wisdom from Avram Gonzales*, a young man with an inspired mission

*Avram's website is here: http://www.avramgonzales.com/

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Your Earth-self 
- that incredible mixture of flesh and bone and lymph-gland and tissue and cell and brain and muscle and motion and thought and desire
Your Infinite-You 

- the "Godlet" - the perfect Pattern of Everything that Is, beyond our wildest dreams, Unlimited, completely Powerful as Part and Exact Image of the Cosmic System

Your meeting - your recognition - your coalescing.....


This is what awaits you here.
Awaits me and all of us who are prepared to step into the Interface between all worlds and own the space.

We step into a grander version of ourselves, in compassion and service to our deeper purpose and to those around us.

In one way we have no idea where this journey will lead. It is a matter of TRUST.
In another way, it is the most transforming and empowering action we can take!!!

John O
July 2012

Part of my own JOURNEY to the INTERFACE
can be read
here ....

- there's a link on that page to some music I improvised in the summer of 2010