Thursday, October 4, 2012

Measuring Progress and Making a Drastic Difference

Going to see your tutor or course-facilitator as a student in the middle of one of your “more challenging” courses - that feeling beforehand of “maybe, it's OK” ....
and afterwards of “oh, #$%^!” and “life is impossible”.....

And then, somewhere along the line before your exam or final test, something “kicks in” and you “know” and it's as though there's power in you that you'd forgotten
- and you get through ...

How many times in life does this happen to us, and yet, we still doubt our resilience - we still question our own ability to reach deep into ourselves and find what we hardly knew was hiding there? Or perhaps it was this latest challenge which allowed us to summon up even more powerful strands of creativity. Perhaps it was the strength of the seemingly impossible demand which was exactly that which took us into that expanded place of knowing, feeling and ability to take greater inspired action than ever before.

I believe in seeing the positive and using joy and ease to bring about creative results. There is so much wonderful energy being produced by inspiring people and actions in the world today. They fill my heart and soul with Joy.

I also believe in not being naïve, when deeper challenges face us.

There is so much co-ordinated stealth and deception going on in “high places” in the world today controlled and orchestrated by a relatively small, mainly unseen band. This stealth, and the actions which result, are challenging the very ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the innate sense of human community between us.

I can really feel compassion for those involved in this web of lies and engineered confusion, but just filling my heart with ease and Joy is in itself not going to end the deception. The unseen weave which holds the worlds together is being hijacked like a trojan virus wiping out and replacing a computer's whole system. A radical medicine is needed - not so much to restore our world's original program, but rather to develop and install something of unstoppably new majestic power - a co-creation between Earth and the Divine in us.

How do we do this?


Finding that unseen strength within us, like we did when faced with failure as a student, and now at a cosmic level. Yes, finding the Cosmic Power which is innate in our DNA, ready to be turned on when the caterpillar goes through seeming death of the imaginal soup of the between worlds.

This requires courage. To be able to say the strongest “NO! NO MORE! ENOUGH!” and, while being the Drastic Cosmic Warrior, still able to feel compassion for that we are destroying; after all it is this “old world gone mad” which has enabled the transformation of us into our New Selves.

How do we do this practically?

There is a video on this page on my “cosmic zap” blog.
I believe it will aid us in becoming stronger Radical Warriors of Compassion

Please feel free to use this video as often as you wish.

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