Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Self-actualization, Supreme Loneliness and Being received

Most of the newer teachings re Abundance and Living-in-the-Moment and doing the inner work are very self-actualization based – self-centred (for better or worse) – both self and Self.

Any problems to do with money, with life-flow, with experiencing abundance in different forms and with enjoyable relationship(s) are, according to this teaching paradigm, ultimately dependent upon one's inner self's 'ability to receive' - unresolved receiving issues are said to be the cause of any experience of lack.

I take issue with this view.

I agree that unresolved issues inside oneself over being-able-to-receive can and do have dire consequences when it comes to manifesting money and abundance in different forms, as well as creating holes where enjoyable relationship(s) could be; however making this out to be the only and even primal reason for such lack or difficulty is, at best, faulty reasoning, and at worst, completely misleading.

The cosmic soul-body-spirit continuum is a huge interplay of factors, most of which, we as conscious human beings, know little of. Shamanic work, Jungian analysis, deep mystical visions and indigenous plant-medicine may bring us into much more open worlds beyond the normal, but we still only see a part of the greater circumstance.

We may try and express some of what we have been through in these altered states, in words and pictures, in art and sounds; yet these of necessity are dimensionally far less wide than the infinity of the actual divine understanding! Perhaps indescribable love-making and other divine mystical experience are the nearest we may come to that wordless, all-aware connection.

Which is where “being received” comes in.

One aspect of abundance which is not often talked about is to do with our levels of deep integrated authenticity, and how we live these in our day-to-day lives on Earth. Outside the matrix of our chosen present lives, we can make and create and combine anything in any form we choose; yet the conditioning matrix of our societal belonging has us mostly in a grid which tends to stop such freedom-of-real-choice in everyday life - since we live our lives mostly within that current matrix!

For some of us who have chosen to do what the ancient alchemists called the Magnum Opus - the Deeper Work, our souls are taking us on a vast journey unconnected to any matrix. In the Mystical Kabbalah, this is represented by the hidden sephirah Da'ath, where our guardian angel leaves us so that we may do an intense and supremely lonely vision-quest to find our more authentic selves.
from The Tree of Life (2010) by Helen Chandler
During this time there will often be a mismatch between the turmoil of our inner life and what our outer world is asking of us. The outer world may react very strangely to our changing selves, reflecting the opening of the 'disparate parts' of who we are finding ourselves truly to be on this journey, including those pieces of 'us' in other realities of which we had no idea. This is no easy journey; we will ourselves also resist parts of the emerging personal reintegration - especially the elements we have been trying to forget and hide, and anything which society might consider threatening. And in the outside world, what had previously worked for us to keep a measure of order will no longer do so, making for a complex and challenging situation!

Our journey may take much, much longer than we had ever imagined (after we realized what was happening!) But as we begin at length to find a new and very transformed inner landscape, the level of our bringing-back-together in ourselves and the honouring-of-the-unity in us of our scattered soul-fragments, will be mirrored in how richly we may be received also within the matrix of day-to-day living; not just in our visions and artistic creations. Most likely a very changed day-to-day will be required - for us as artists and shamans and lovers in our own lives, honouring this need for outside change is of incredible importance so that we can fully integrate who we now are!

We may always have been good at receiving, but it is this journey through and into deepest personal at-one-ment and the corresponding and simultaneous knowing of ourselves as one-with-another at that fuller level (or, atonement, as the Christian epistles call it) which now truly allows us to be received. We who are now much more fully who-we-are, receive so much more fully, just as we are now so much more fully received! And in being fully received we will also experience the deeper oneness of life-flow together, which is why Creation-on-Earth exists - Life on Earth was never meant to be lived alone.

Maybe this life-flow together will also be experienced as the deliciousness of flowing money, relationship, opportunity, etc., in the reflected 'outside' world.

Who knows?


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