Jump Dimension w John?

Jumping Dimensions with John?

I'm a shaman, an acupressurist and much more, but I cannot heal you.
I can make music for you and perhaps with you, I can pray for you and with you, but I cannot cause you to jump into that new space.

But what I can do, and desire to do is be with you in a process* which, for humanity in this world, may well be unprecedented – to expand what we know of as reality (in this time-space continuum) and actually jump into many more dimensions at the same time.
No – this is not a movie, not wishful thinking, not a dream which vanishes as we “wake”, but as the first version in an unending series of New Realities as they dovetail into one another.

This is actually Divine Play – we are cosmic children brought here to redesign creation and our own lives. This is why we are here, on the Earth, now. And it is our privilege and wonderful gift to discover how the new life can be made within us and around us.

Would you like to play?

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j m b o v e r t o n @ g m a i l . c o m

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Present Address:‎
Via Roma, 96
02019 Posta RI, Italy

House Telephone:
from N America: 011390746951038
from Italy: 0746951038 from Europe: 00390746951038
from the World: +390746951038
(Italy keeps all the zeros when you call from abroad)

Individual sessions - also by phone/VoIP (usually 60-90 mins)
- standard contribution - €180
(You are free to contribute more, if you wish. It will help to pay for those in "reduced circumstances")

Group sessions, travelling to your site, etc., please contact me

More about me, John, and the process here

This process has taken time to gestate fully and become ready to be born:
It has taken us up until now to be able to fulfill those words of my own favourite spiritual teacher Jesus - words about seeming miracles 

You can do these things by being confident in me;
and greater things than these you will do...” 
The "being confident" has to do with what in the Greek is called πίστις (pistis)
This is not just about belief, not just about trust, but it involves a high-level body-vibrating fidelity to that inner knowing where we “are persuaded by the Divine Source in us” - as in “If you know I can do it, then you can, and more!”

channelings have been calling this a grid - we "co-create the grid" and then use it as our support as we funnel the manifestation into our Earth Reality.

I see the grid becoming an even more pliable tool.

I am seeing and feeling a
weave (as in ancient Tantra) where we play with and mould (and are moulded by) the Divine Co-creation we are now a part of – as multi-dimensionally sensual Beings. As we vibrate things into Being, we have started living both as One-with-Everything and Individualized at the same time – and much, much more!  

And it is all getting even better!

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