when god got healed

A short story in a few parts
(For that personal sense of FEELING WRONG, and what to do, click here )

by a strange message on the phone

He'd been playing with a new “modality” - as the new-agers say.
For over a week, clearing out “stuff” he never knew he had.
It was hard work and yet there was a lightness to it all - coming to terms with never quite “getting there” (not that he knew what “there” was, any more) and half-daring to feel that somethings (whatever they were) were about to change.

It was after one very exhausting day when elated laughter, deepest weeping, body-spasms of spontaneous vibration and all sorts of powerful feelings had been giving way to one another, that, in the middle of the dark night he woke and saw that the phone was blinking. A message.

Normally, he would have just gone back to sleep, but, without a thought, he went to the phone and listened to the message.

“Hello - you asked me yesterday if I was willing to heal, or else you wouldn't work with me any more.”
There was a short pause in the message, and then,
“I've made my decision. I wish to heal. I will come to your studio at midday and if you're there we can start. If you're not there, I'll know you've given up on me.”

Not sure if he was awake or dreaming, he went back to bed and fell into a deep sleep.
The next morning it was late when he woke.

Suddenly he remembered the message - he went back to the phone but the message had gone. In two minds, he spent the morning strangely nervous, not sure what to do; in the end he left home for his studio arriving with a few minutes to spare before midday.

Unlocking the door he was surprised to see a rather feminine-looking man of indeterminate age (was he young? or perhaps older than he looked?) sitting in the visitor's chair.

I hope you don't mind - I let myself in.”
Muttering something about that this was OK and completely bewildered by the stranger's odd presence, he started to make himself some coffee.

I've decided it would be best if I paid you up front – I've put it in your donation box.”

Glancing up from the coffee-pot he saw a pile of envelopes – one of them seemed to be filled with stacks of notes.

I'm paying cash today.”

The coffee-pot seemed to take longer than ever before to brew. When, at last, with the comfort of the coffee mug in his hand, he turned to face the stranger, the stranger looked him in the eyes and said,

I wish you to know that your decision was absolutely spot-on! Unless I heal everything I've done and said in all these years, you're right to go on without me.”

Looking into the stranger's extraordinary eyes and hearing the resonance of what he (or was it she?) was saying, he found himself uncharacteristically blushing; “Thank you!....”
He was about to continue but the stranger interrupted him.

I think you know who I am.”

There was an odd, huge knot in the pit of his stomach.

I'm god; and I've come to you to help me let go. I need to heal everything.”

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