Monday, December 10, 2012

LandFillharmonic Orchestra

It is so easy to be taken up with the limitations of one's "small" life that one misses very important things....

This an inspiring story about the poorest of the poor actually living extremely "rich" lives through music in what, for many of us, would seem like impossible circumstances.

Bach's cello suite in G - played on a "recycled cello"
Part of the LandFillharmonic ...

An inspiring movie is being made. Click on the picture for the trailer.

Blessings on all of us this Advent.

John O

PS The Facebook page is here

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A way to take caring responsibility today if you're the passionate type

Because of the Sun Eclipse in passionate Scorpio, over the internet today people are being admonished by the “ascenders” to meditate stillness and peace. If peaceful, still meditation is what you normally do, please continue - this is your way.

But if you're the passionate caring type who feels deeply and allows the feelings corporally inside ie you say YES! to body-feelings of all types with fullness of expression, I beg you to remain true to you and expand your passionate self.
Here's why.

The anchoring of all human experiences and feelings together with Earth is a pre-requisite for us to remain in-consort-with Earth – not just the nice, peaceful experiences. The energies of the “nasty” - when they are owned and used in equally or more powerful ways - have the power to balance the “ascending beyond 5th dimensional reality”-energies (which take us out of our physical bodies) and thus enable us to be both physical and beyond at the same time.

BUT passionate and other strong energies – if they are
denied by those wishing to be spiritual – do not just “disappear” because of meditation – they are let free to be used by those who understand to use them. If we, the passionate ones don't embrace them, the hidden techno-godlets will (which may be why there appears to be an increase in things “techno-nasty” at the moment”.)

So, fellow-passionates, please let us use the eclipse time to bring wildest joy and passion together in bounds-breaking ways! Like playing really loud and extraordinarily creative rock-music, or dancing more wildly than ever, or making more passionate love longer and more wildly than ever, or pulling out all the stops on the biggest organ you can find and playing magnificently, or painting the largest canvas you've ever attempted (etc.) - I'm sure you get my drift.

This way, we don't allow anything to “leak” to those who cannot revel in the WHOLE of creation's amazing power!

PS If the fable (?) of Atlantis tells us anything, it is that the combination of techno-madmen (read; the “hidden” elite, those who control the bankers, those who poison our skies, the nano-technicians, etc) and ascending-outers gives the following result -

- since the “so-called spiritual” have left/ascended out of the planet
- since the remainder have been culled and put into slavery by the techno-controllers
- since the innate life-systems of divine creation have been despoiled beyond measure and since this “techno-earth solution” is absolutely against the core laws of the Universe, the cosmic balance and Earth itself destroy the techno-controllers, their “playing god”-creations and almost everything and everyone else.

Earth then has to “start again.” Do we really want to keep repeating this seemingly endless cycle?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Eyes have it.....

What are they looking at?

(see yesterday's post here)

Bishop Mariann Budde, Washington DC

I suddenly realized that with this level of expanded vibration and joyful fun, how little it matters what age, what country, what life-station (etc) - these eyes indicate a new paradigm of ecstatic riches which are irresistably unstoppable.

Whatever our walk of life, whatever context we are in, let us be inspired by such Presence and become It.
Irresistably unstoppable Presence


Friday, November 2, 2012

Life, Death and Transfiguration

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I have often written and spoken recently about the energies inside us which we can use to transform and expand
- ourselves

- the reality around us

I have talked and written about those strong energies (both 'positive' and 'negative') and our opportunity for their inner embracing and reintegration, and the deeper necessity for doing so – that is, for expanding ourselves through acceptance and through reframing (looking in a radically alternative way and from a quite different angle) rather than trying to “get rid of...”

Which brings me to....

the inner is the motor to change the outer

Children of the New Dream
It is said that the child pictured here has an expanded DNA with an immune system which kills HIV and cancers in their tracks.

Click on the picture for the story
– a transcript of an interview in which
the 100th monkey effect is mentioned.

The deep significance of this 100th monkey effect for us is that we also have the same DNA in our own systems; by being in vibrational alignment with children like this our own multi-dimensional vibrational bodysoul is fired up into expanded being.

No words are needed. No therapies. No real explanations. Just try this.

Look deeply into the child's eyes -
breathe gently and more wholly
keep doing that until you start feeling
a vibrational tingling in the entirety of your inner body.

Notice and continue. For as long as you wish.

Do this twice or three times a day for a month -
watch your body and your reality change.
Your body is reprogramming your mind (!) into expansion.

Whole incarnation is one of the cornerstones of the Divine Blueprint for Life in-consort-with and upon this planet Earth; by expanding our vibration this way we are becoming more wholly incarnated. The Divine dream in Eden is now coming to expanded fruition in us, as was intended "from the beginning."

Behold! I make all things new!

The words serpent and messiah have the same numerical value in ancient Hebrew. In ancient Hebrew, words with the same numerical value have the 'same expanded mystical meaning' - time to embrace our inner serpent and messiah!

Friday, October 26, 2012

But what do you actually DO, John? (Make it SIMPLE!)

What do I actually do?
(I mean, apart from the music and the writing and those ceremonies we had at Christal Temple.....)

I help people reclaim and use the WHOLE of themselves,
especially the “not nice, messy, awkward” bits....

Because these bits, especially in their deeper and revamped forms, are the bearers of the deepest personal truth and empowerment, that's why.

How to rebirth ourselves into deeper integrity - for ourselves and our world?

Jump for Joy.
Feel deeply(!) fulfilled.

See this video.....

and then, why not contact me here at this email......
j m b o v e r t o n @ g m a i l . c o m
(no spaces)

or send me a message on Facebook

There is power in all of you, not just the "nice, calm" bits!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rebirthing Rawness, Rage and Reticence into Real Release?

"Indigenous wisdom knows that 'to live is to move';
to awaken from our deep slumber means
our bones will be rattled, and we'll be shaken to the core.
In this invitation into very ancient medicine,
we hear the voices of the elders issuing a timely wakeup call
that is accessible to the modern world..."


quoted by Bradford Keeney
on the Spiritual Classrooms page of his LifeForceTheatre website

Continuing on the down-is-up theme? Absolutely! 

As the late Gabrielle Roth and many others have shown – it is in the half-hidden, despised and guilt-tripped areas of life where there is usually the creative juice of our deeper more fulfilling life-journeys just waiting to be opened up.

I was talking to a good friend who is a birth and death
doula – a spiritual midwife of orgasmic birthing and dying. It got me thinking again of my own path through Rebirthing and integrated sexuality and shamanism and healing, and how this all fits in with my musical and church organist me. One of my great inspirations is Bradford Keeney, an inspired shaking jazz musician and Bushmen-transformed healer; he has taken his grand piano into his healing sessions, and uses voice and movement and that “Slain n' get up in the Spirit” of the New Orleans Baptists and the shaking N/om of the Bushmen to undo everything in the way of God being able to get through!

Which is what any Dark Night of the Soul is about – since nothing works any longer, we are forced into a shaking surrender so that the Spirit can remake us. Whole and Holy!

OK – so I'm not a spiritual orgasmic birth midwife, not a spiritual death midwife.... maybe I'm a BSOLMh (don't you just LOVE those annoying acronyms!) I'm a


Or a Raw Life Rebirther.

(not food. life.)

If nothing else, this should get some interesting “hits” on Google!


And now, a crazy PS!!!!

Listen to this - ABSURD MEDICINE (mp3) - at the bottom of this page >>>>>>>>>>>
and it
will REALLY turn your world upside down!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


You've heard it and seen it – Soaring Upwards is the “way to go.”

It's so familiar, it's everywhere .............

Whilst the majority of the world's population are swallowing
the lies and manipulations, the “we-club” - the “Enlightened”
and “Those of us who are Raising our Awareness” -
are going to “save the Earth” and “win the day”

And maybe the “unenlightened” will have to “come back again” or move on to some other “densities”....... like the “unsaved” going to the fundamentalist world's Hell.




actually result in

Arse-Up Elimination?

Is our rejection of the downwards, in real deeper truth, actually taking us away from the “illuminated goal” we are so intent on raising ourselves towards?

What have the “master teachings” down the ages shown us? Not just the precepts handed down from Jesus or the Buddha and their lineages, but from people like Daniel Odier's yogini, Devi, and other hidden, now re-emergingly empowered Goddess teachings....

Nothing is the way it seems -
especially for those who feel they are
on their way to ascended enlightenment...

Supposing “real personal betterment” (and real earth-connection and deeper advancement) comes not so much from “leaving the old matrix” and “ascending out of it” as from bending down to Earth, seeing those who are considered the poorest of the poor, the most miserable of the anguished (etc) in all their beauty, and rooting the “country of the new” through “I see you”-obeisence. In doing this, we are also honouring those parts in us which we have hidden as “ the unacceptibly poorest of the poor” - in confronting that deepest shadow, we are allowing it to be broken apart and seen and honoured.

Maybe this bending down kind of vibrating-together-with is actually more successful at turning the matrix inside out – by making it obsolete.

Maybe the real “up” is actually more base, more down, more dark, more messy! The corollation between down-dark-messy and the deepest human intimacy is striking! We meet most fully whole-levelled when our meeting is based(!) on the going down and in; and the most intimate creations of life come through some very dark and “smelly” and “messy” processes!

Don't get me wrong – I love mountains and the highs of existence, and “rising above” is a wonderful experience. Yet when there is inadequate anchoring (as any bridge-builder will tell you) there is nothing raised which can withstand the mightiest trials without cracking apart and tumbling.

Looking at the world, and looking within, I see those mighty trials are with us now.

What do we choose?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is this Rage Really Mine?

There was a television show last century on British TV called Whose Life is it Anyway? As far as I can recall the show was about people who were living self-empowered lives in seemingly difficult personal circumstances.

But when I started writing about the “Is this Anger Really Mine?”- question, it wasn't originally so much about self-empowerment, as about the downsides of one's hidden compassion and some of the difficulties with “bearing one another's burdens.

Anyone who has done any Access Consciousness-work with the likes of Rikka Zimmerman (now independent), Dain Heer or Nikki Magdalena, will have used the “Who does this belong to?”-question about one's thoughts, body-feelings, emotions, etc. According to GaryDouglas, Access' founder, 97% of our thoughts, body-feelings, emotions, etc., do not actually “belong to us” but we've picked them up on the inner empathy-waves. Gary's suggestion: Send them back to sender with Consciousness - and clear.

I feel that 97% is probably a rather exaggerated figure, but I embrace the concept of so many of us taking on others' stuff without realizing it. I tend to be “over-empathetic” - so being able to feel and know that so many of the unpleasant or challenging thoughts and feelings I experience haven't originated in “me-on-this-Earth-in-this-version-now” is really an enormous relief. It means, for starters, that I can more concentrate on what
has originated in me and focus on healing that (with God's help!)

But there are several problems for me with
Access-Gary's return-to-sender method.

The first is that it sits so uneasily with my “Jesus-gene” - Paul of Tarsus in his
Letter to the Galatians (6:2) writes that carrying one another's burdens fulfills the Christ-Law; I am loathe to encourage that “selfish place” in me where I would make a habit of stopping feeling compassion for others in their difficulties, even if it does, indeed, lighten my load. “Sending back with consciousness” doesn't cut it with me. My own decision is to “zap it” - see the video, here. It's a very easy process and it really has a good effect.

The second is, as I see it, that we are often called upon by the Spirit to feel a variety of things in the cosmic play of creation, both uplifting and challenging, so that we can do
our own part in bringing the world to a better place. It's important to me to play my part in the Divine-web-of-all-Life, seen and unseen, and its unfolding. Daring to feel and acknowledge discomfort-in-this-world changes things more often than we can imagine.

The third is to do with deeper personal healing, and maybe, empowerment; personal healing is also so often a mirror of needed community healing, too. If we have a recurring feeling or thought or experience, and it keeps happening again and again, and it doesn't go away, even though we have tried so many different methods (maybe both practical and inner-life spiritual and psychological) then there is a good chance that what we experience as a problem may well be a
hidden strength or a vital-for-our-wellbeing unfulfilled need. In re-finding this strength or need we may be fulfilling our deeper purpose to help others, too - through personally owning what is going on and using it.
We are all much more inter-connected in the weave of life than our individualistic socity would have us believe.

When it comes to dealing with challenging and unpleasant experience, ancient body-wisdom can be very helpful.

Traditional Chinese Medicine shows us that any powerful energetic system in the body is available to be used both for constructive as well as for destructive purposes. It is a good model here; life-affirming passion and life-debilitating rage are both functions of the Liver Meridian Channel - they originate from the same source! And in the west we often refer to our Life-blood (which the liver enables) as the energy which drives us.
Given this possibility, may I suggest the following;-

- really
feel/own what is going on (the opposite of trying to fight it)
- breathe slowly and deeply and honour the feeling/thought/experience
- ask to be shown the gift and strength of this feeling/thought/experience
- let go, stop worrying, and know that the Spirit will show you in Her own time
- walk away, leave it – if you feel the angst again, repeat the breathing

This often works! With amazing feelings of Joy and fulfillment inside.
And when we allow ourselves to know that we are also doing Spirit-work for others at the same time, then the experience of Joy and the fulfillment becomes many-splendoured.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Slightly Different Version of the Middle Way

In politics, in religion and spirituality, in ways of dealing with the law-breakers of society, there is often
the Middle Way

- neither too far left nor right, neither celibate nor wanton, neither vindictive nor complacent, etc.
Sometimes this can feel good, sometimes this may be utterly frustrating, but it's often seen and felt like 'common sense' - like doing the inner work for safe living, but making sure that you "tie up your camel, anyway" at the end of the day.

Middle ways have not, in general, spoken to me, I must confess. I often find them rather bland and common-sense "just-OK" with neither inspirational flavour nor improvisational possibility.

But the Middle Way that I would like to touch on is not like this at all. It doesn't seek to find the middle or common-sense ground. Rather, it asks us to re-appraise the centre and expand it exponentially.

As many of my readers know I am a fan of Michelangelo's whole-body representations. Many of them are standing (or half-lounging like Romans at a feast.) The seated yoga pose, where the body-centre is seen as the heart region, was not on Michelangelo's list.

For him, the centre, the middle, is the groin/hara area (or, to quote the Latin, the sacrum - the holy,) which is seen at its most obvious when the human figure is portrayed and seen standing with outstretched arms.

Back to this in a moment.

The past few posts, I have been taking up the question of our precarious Earth situation with regard to geo-engineering and experiments at blending man-made technology with the biological. For me, these ongoing "procedures" strike at the very heart of our "made in the divine image" co-creativity; it cuts the systems, known and unknown, observed and unseen which underpin our earth and human existence.

I am aware that many male scientists intent on advancing the "Singularity" would call anyone (like me) who is questioning the technological blending with human biology, backward. But what if the whole of this movement to "improve on God's designs" is based on a failed premise?

The designs which the Blender-Scientists and Researchers are creating to advance us towards "more immortal power" by developing (or replacing) the physical parts, are designed without addressing the nature of the whole. The whole in this case is the many-levelled nature of the body, its unseen properties as well as its seen, and in particular its immense capacity for kinds of connective vibration far beyond current understanding. Cutting and pasting foreign technology into the body actually disturbs and breaks down this innate vibrational essence, as anyone who has had a hip replacement for a few years can testify.

The Middle Way I am suggesting is actually centred on the area at the centre of Michelangelo's drawings and sculptures. In the same way as we humans (at present!) are created in the womb, so the unseen power of Creation's energy is also placed with its manifested centre here - the complex of Creation Energy on Earth emanates from this area - it is Creation's own Middle Way!

The unnatural activities happening above our heads and the nano-fibres now placed within us are signs of a modern world heading towards an Atlantean catastrophic tail-spin - it seems unstoppable. But, unlikely though this might seem, learning (quickly) to raise, expand and use the strength of what we have emanating from within - our direct connection to the Ultimate and Original Power of (re-)Creation - can actually be the decisive key which unhooks the planned "Matrix of Life through techno-numbers" so that it no longer has any power to enslave.

And that to my mind is a Middle Way to delight in!

More soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Techno-human or Real Cocreative Divine Bio-diversity?

In a post on my cosmic zap blog, I suggest that everything we experience has a hidden gift - even if we do not see it or feel it at the moment 'whatever-it-is' is going on. This does not necessarily mean that 'everything comes to us for a reason' – a subtle difference – but that there are blessings even in the most horrific circumstances.

For the past few posts you may have noticed that what I have been blogging about in different ways has touched on the present state of our world and of our own health and consciousness. I do not subscribe to Al Gore's version of why the Earth is in the state she is, though I look with horror at the extent we, Her children in the west and elsewhere, still seem in many ways to be “carrying on as normal.” And though I am convinced there are half-hidden powers at work with agendas which are at odds with true bio-diversity and the mutual honouring between all of us in the Earth's sphere, I also believe that these agendas would not have become so advanced if we humans had dared to be courageously awake to what was happening.

I don't believe that spreading guilt is of much use. And the more I investigate the problems resulting from these agendas, the more I realise how much more thoroughly advanced they are than most of us imagine; adding guilt will not help us solve the seemingly unsolveable. However, if enough of us dare to face extreme discomfort and allow ourselves to see what is going on, we may yet be able to receive the gift. The gift could be enormous, depending on what we do.

The cosmic zap post refers to a film about Marion Woodman.

Dancing in the Flames (click for link)

For Marion Woodman and her interviewer, Andrew Harvey, Death is a necessity for Rebirth, both in Metaphorical terms and as Reality. In the Life-Death-Rebirth Process in terms of where we and the Earth are now, we have a drastic choice:

Will we allow the inevitable death of Earth-as-we-know-it
to lead to
annihilation, or to something Creatively New
- a Rebirth with amazing possibilities?

At the bottom of the page I list a couple of links to what is actually going on at the hidden level in our world. Pretending that this is not happening will not help us; finding the place in us where we say an absolute “STOP! NO MORE!” (if that is what we wish) and going deeply into our Creativity and our Compassion for and with Earth may.

I personally believe that this 11th-hour scenario as it is developing, can actually shake us into being the Powerful Co-creators we were intended to be.

Note -
o-creator” is not someone “playing God” - like those who would make us into techno-humans! (see also Link 2 below.)
Co-creator” refers to that mixture of sublime humility and consciously aware “superpower” which those many guru-models we have had from the past 2,500 years and more, have showed us again and again in their own lives.

Now it is our turn; and this is why we are alive here on Earth at this point in cosmic history.

How do we access and live this real divine power?

I will be exploring how in the next few posts.


The links
Link 1 (there are more links on the right-hand side)
Link 2 (mix humans with nanotechnology and what do we get?) 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Self-actualization, Supreme Loneliness and Being received

Most of the newer teachings re Abundance and Living-in-the-Moment and doing the inner work are very self-actualization based – self-centred (for better or worse) – both self and Self.

Any problems to do with money, with life-flow, with experiencing abundance in different forms and with enjoyable relationship(s) are, according to this teaching paradigm, ultimately dependent upon one's inner self's 'ability to receive' - unresolved receiving issues are said to be the cause of any experience of lack.

I take issue with this view.

I agree that unresolved issues inside oneself over being-able-to-receive can and do have dire consequences when it comes to manifesting money and abundance in different forms, as well as creating holes where enjoyable relationship(s) could be; however making this out to be the only and even primal reason for such lack or difficulty is, at best, faulty reasoning, and at worst, completely misleading.

The cosmic soul-body-spirit continuum is a huge interplay of factors, most of which, we as conscious human beings, know little of. Shamanic work, Jungian analysis, deep mystical visions and indigenous plant-medicine may bring us into much more open worlds beyond the normal, but we still only see a part of the greater circumstance.

We may try and express some of what we have been through in these altered states, in words and pictures, in art and sounds; yet these of necessity are dimensionally far less wide than the infinity of the actual divine understanding! Perhaps indescribable love-making and other divine mystical experience are the nearest we may come to that wordless, all-aware connection.

Which is where “being received” comes in.

One aspect of abundance which is not often talked about is to do with our levels of deep integrated authenticity, and how we live these in our day-to-day lives on Earth. Outside the matrix of our chosen present lives, we can make and create and combine anything in any form we choose; yet the conditioning matrix of our societal belonging has us mostly in a grid which tends to stop such freedom-of-real-choice in everyday life - since we live our lives mostly within that current matrix!

For some of us who have chosen to do what the ancient alchemists called the Magnum Opus - the Deeper Work, our souls are taking us on a vast journey unconnected to any matrix. In the Mystical Kabbalah, this is represented by the hidden sephirah Da'ath, where our guardian angel leaves us so that we may do an intense and supremely lonely vision-quest to find our more authentic selves.
from The Tree of Life (2010) by Helen Chandler
During this time there will often be a mismatch between the turmoil of our inner life and what our outer world is asking of us. The outer world may react very strangely to our changing selves, reflecting the opening of the 'disparate parts' of who we are finding ourselves truly to be on this journey, including those pieces of 'us' in other realities of which we had no idea. This is no easy journey; we will ourselves also resist parts of the emerging personal reintegration - especially the elements we have been trying to forget and hide, and anything which society might consider threatening. And in the outside world, what had previously worked for us to keep a measure of order will no longer do so, making for a complex and challenging situation!

Our journey may take much, much longer than we had ever imagined (after we realized what was happening!) But as we begin at length to find a new and very transformed inner landscape, the level of our bringing-back-together in ourselves and the honouring-of-the-unity in us of our scattered soul-fragments, will be mirrored in how richly we may be received also within the matrix of day-to-day living; not just in our visions and artistic creations. Most likely a very changed day-to-day will be required - for us as artists and shamans and lovers in our own lives, honouring this need for outside change is of incredible importance so that we can fully integrate who we now are!

We may always have been good at receiving, but it is this journey through and into deepest personal at-one-ment and the corresponding and simultaneous knowing of ourselves as one-with-another at that fuller level (or, atonement, as the Christian epistles call it) which now truly allows us to be received. We who are now much more fully who-we-are, receive so much more fully, just as we are now so much more fully received! And in being fully received we will also experience the deeper oneness of life-flow together, which is why Creation-on-Earth exists - Life on Earth was never meant to be lived alone.

Maybe this life-flow together will also be experienced as the deliciousness of flowing money, relationship, opportunity, etc., in the reflected 'outside' world.

Who knows?


Monday, October 8, 2012

"Will they make it?"

Will we make it?

Click on the picture to find out.......

From a Faith & John Hubley cartoon 1974

Perhaps we need to be more ourselves, not less?
More here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Measuring Progress and Making a Drastic Difference

Going to see your tutor or course-facilitator as a student in the middle of one of your “more challenging” courses - that feeling beforehand of “maybe, it's OK” ....
and afterwards of “oh, #$%^!” and “life is impossible”.....

And then, somewhere along the line before your exam or final test, something “kicks in” and you “know” and it's as though there's power in you that you'd forgotten
- and you get through ...

How many times in life does this happen to us, and yet, we still doubt our resilience - we still question our own ability to reach deep into ourselves and find what we hardly knew was hiding there? Or perhaps it was this latest challenge which allowed us to summon up even more powerful strands of creativity. Perhaps it was the strength of the seemingly impossible demand which was exactly that which took us into that expanded place of knowing, feeling and ability to take greater inspired action than ever before.

I believe in seeing the positive and using joy and ease to bring about creative results. There is so much wonderful energy being produced by inspiring people and actions in the world today. They fill my heart and soul with Joy.

I also believe in not being naïve, when deeper challenges face us.

There is so much co-ordinated stealth and deception going on in “high places” in the world today controlled and orchestrated by a relatively small, mainly unseen band. This stealth, and the actions which result, are challenging the very ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the innate sense of human community between us.

I can really feel compassion for those involved in this web of lies and engineered confusion, but just filling my heart with ease and Joy is in itself not going to end the deception. The unseen weave which holds the worlds together is being hijacked like a trojan virus wiping out and replacing a computer's whole system. A radical medicine is needed - not so much to restore our world's original program, but rather to develop and install something of unstoppably new majestic power - a co-creation between Earth and the Divine in us.

How do we do this?


Finding that unseen strength within us, like we did when faced with failure as a student, and now at a cosmic level. Yes, finding the Cosmic Power which is innate in our DNA, ready to be turned on when the caterpillar goes through seeming death of the imaginal soup of the between worlds.

This requires courage. To be able to say the strongest “NO! NO MORE! ENOUGH!” and, while being the Drastic Cosmic Warrior, still able to feel compassion for that we are destroying; after all it is this “old world gone mad” which has enabled the transformation of us into our New Selves.

How do we do this practically?

There is a video on this page on my “cosmic zap” blog.
I believe it will aid us in becoming stronger Radical Warriors of Compassion

Please feel free to use this video as often as you wish.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finding Practical Healing in a Financial/Eco-balanced World-gone-crazy

This is a cry from the heart. From the very depths of my being.
Please bear with me.

I have spent much time in the past few years watching how different forms of geo-engineering have been taking over mass seed-production, various versions of weather modification, and ionosphere-stretching (etc) in the proclaimed name of progress. Every time I see another example of those telltale crisscross patterns in the sky, I am reminded of the way the Earth's system of balance is being violated by powers and organizations beyond the ballot box, for reasons which are still not clear; the seemingly uncontrollable financial greed is fairly obvious, but there are pointers towards more insidious agendas which, if they turn out to be true, have the power now to destroy Earth-life as we know it - and most of us humans, too.

At a deep level, I have always seen that we humans are much more divine than we give ourselves credit for, much more powerful than we know. But there is another question which influences our ability to live our empowerment fully.

What happens in any organism when its very life-upholding systems are compromised by an avalanche of toxins or environments which stunt or hinder growth? (I'm not just talking individual plants, species or animals, here; I'm also talking systems and humans-in-tandem working together.)

When faced with extraordinary challenges, either one or the other of these things happen. Either the system adapts and becomes stronger. Or it withers and dies.

It isn't just the various species on Earth that are at risk, not just individual weather systems, not only certain humans. Our whole collective empowerment is being threatened at the deepest and most hidden existential level. Are we prepared to heal our collective blindness in order to see and then choose a radical empowered change?

It is not more enlightened to pretend that none of this is happening. And it may not be feasible for us, given the control systems which are now being put in place, physically to dismantle the complex apparatus which undergirds the destruction of our worlds, inside and out.

But I contend that it is possible, while we are still clear enough to take our divine power, to change the seemingly irrevocable destructive timeline and turn it into one of Joy and Expansion. By the power of that which is greater than whatever holds the destructive timeline together - by using the beyond-3D-powers planted in us by our Creator, the power already existing in Creation. And to do this quickly - before Creation itself has become so warped that we no longer can change anything in the amazing mixture of the physical and many-dimensional which we call this Earth Life.

My vision is that those of us who pray and dance and sing and make divine music and do “holy magic” will forget our sectarian differences and, in the name of Everything Divine, rise to the challenge we have staring us in the face.

When we pray and dance and sing and make divine music and do “holy magic” like this together we are shown powerful ways also to act in the physical – ways which never would have come to light otherwise (ask any Kalahari bushman, and he will tell you!!!)

Who's in?


Why in the world are they spraying?
A very well-researched documentary now on YouTube
Click on the picture below to watch.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Opening to the Centre on St Michael's Day

I've been exploring the shadowlands between “wolf-hour waking” and dream-drugged oversleeping.

The “wolf hour” is a Scandinavian term denoting that middle-of-the-night time when one becomes suddenly awake and unable to return to the deliciousness of sleep; often a time of worry or when strange ungrounded personal decisions seem absolutely logical and “the only way to go”! The next morning such “decisions” show themselves to be as mad as they really were!

I feel very lucky since throughout my life I've been able to sleep most nights without waking to that strange “wolf-time” angst.

And the waking I've experienced recently? It has been of a whole “other” experience!

It all started several weeks ago, quite unexpectedly.

I had been asked to do some “distance-healing clearings” - in some ways akin to a mild form of “exorcism” common to South American shamanic practice. For me, this is usually like clearing inner road-blocks; now I was dealing with elementally much stronger life-blocks which seemed to be preventing the experiencing of “more” - as though there was a deeper reason for me being called into service.

One night I was woken drastically from a dream state and suddenly felt tremors going through my body, rather like when I was being trained in Reiki many years ago, but much stronger than I remembered. I was awake but I was also part of a “heavenly vision” - I was immediately shown how to take the tremor in me and align it with something way beyond energy – a kind of multidimensional cosmic resonance. When I started to do this I was enveloped in the most wonderful experience of extraordinary ecstatic waves – it just kept going on and on.

I must have fallen asleep exhausted, but when I woke up I decided to “test” what I'd experienced in the night to see if it was a dream or not. I expected that I would not be connected as I had been – I've often tried to recreate visions and between-the-realms experiences in the normal waking state, and seldom succeeded.

This time was very different! I merely had to “imagine gently” that I was back in what I had experienced in the middle of the night and the ecstatic wave started again, just as powerfully. And it continued. Each time I even thought about what had happened, my body started to experience the “divine tremor” again – in fact, as I'm writing this, I'm receiving the same vibrations!

The following nights I was woken night after night to be shown a clearing “cosmic zap” - like wielding a St Michael sword in the beyond-multidimensionality. I was surprised by how really instantaneous the “zap” was. Incidentally, writing about this today, 29th September, is fun because it is Michaelmas – the Christian feast of St Michael and All Angels!

During these wakeful nights I was also shown and was able to experience a quick 3-step Multi-D Compost/Recalibration/Reconnection system for releasing anybody else's energy that I had inadvertently taken upon myself. I tend to have an empath “problem” where I assume that what I'm feeling belongs to me personally, rather than belonging to my tuning-in to others' energies. The system which I was shown immediately helped me “energetically” and easily to come “home” back to me. I have been using it ever since!

Since those waking-vision nights I've been woken several more times and shown a much stronger tremor to do with “Beyond the beyond-energy Vibration” – a kind of tapping into the fabric which holds universes together. And some interesting pictures about how to anchor these extraordinary resonances/patterns in our bodies and not “fly off” somewhere or to feel like we need to “burst open”.

Where this is leading is still partly a mystery. But what I do know is that the between-the-realms experience which has always been a common part of my day-to-day life as a musician and healing facilitator is now no longer an “over-there” imagined reality but a multi-dimensional tool which we can use to change things here and now in our everyday experience.

The difference from before?

It is the constant subtle resonant vibration which changes the way I see and experience things, so that I know (rather than “just believe”) that miracles are possible!

I've written more about it here.

Happy St Michael's Day!!!