Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At the Human-Divine Interface

Are you an Infinite Being?
Deep down do you find pretty well everything about modern Earth-Life profoundly dissatisfying?
Have you a yearning to re-ignite that Knowing in you which brings back miracles to every dimension of Creation?

Come forward to the Interface.
The Interface where our space-time “reality” both coalesces with and defines itself “against” the Vibration-Language of Eternal Possibility.

Let us start by healing the misconception that we are inherently flawed............

The Ceremony of Original Innocence
(Click on picture for YouTube video - opens in a new page)

We who are the bridges, both the form and the formless....
We who relish the sensuality of our bodies and the delicious gifts of wisdom and experience that they are....

As we begin to reintegrate all our levels, it is time to explore Miracle-Land...

Are you ready?
Am I prepared?
Shall we step into this re-remembered experience where everything is possible?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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