Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enjoying the “Safety of Money Supply”

Time for the 3rd in this month-long series of
Saturday Gaiagàsmic Waves for financial abundance.
My suggestion for intention is to do with safety, ease and gentle empowerment.

I'm proposing this intention because of the present tendency to describe the world's economies in devastatingly fearful terms, with chaos and possible consequent threats of curtailed freedom as an ever-increasing danger. Given the media comments which their appraisal of the current situation evoke, a body-sense of deep-rooted malaise and panic can easily be engendered in all of their listeners/viewers, and by extension the rest of us, empathetic and in-tune as we are!! And when some believe they have discovered hidden plans and possible military action, “the money issue” has started riding with some grotesquely uncomfortable “cousins-in-angst.”

Whatever the truth of any of the above, we have a remedy in joy to enjoy.

With the intention for safety, ease and gentle empowerment, we are pushing the creation of the new-and-flowing back into the realm of the possible, and, as we have seen from other Gaiagàsmia actions, the very likely! My own observation is that the very Intention for each connected Wave of Ecstatic Joy, moves the seemingly locked and immoveable with ease, before we even begin!

My friends – we are part of a more powerful force for good than we may realize!!

This Saturday 8th September, 8am or 11pm or any time - your own local time!
And why not send some shouts of Joy towards London where the Paralympics are coming to an end – the celebration of the unlikely made more than possible and celebrated in triumph and mutual support!
Charles Hazlewood's Paraorchestra are playing
at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony, 9th Sept.

(click on the picture to go to the Vimeo video link)


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