Friday, July 27, 2012

What if nanochips could be.......?

Covered Bridge Potato chips ("crisps" for our English English readers...)?
The plain sea-salt variety?
- as though potato chips should have anything else in them but thinly sliced potatoes deeply and quickly fried in the best oils with just a touch of the best salt!?

Covered Bridge Kettle Chips
As a child in Yorkshire one Christmas, I remember watching as my uncle-in-law's brother deftly made crisps in his large metal frying-pan on that kitchen stove in the village deep within the moorland landscape.... Covered Bridge chips always bring back that cell-memory in me - the taste and smell!

The body's cells are incredible - each with their own mini-brain and water system and memories and ability to create - and the space which reminds us of the Spaciousness of the Universe. They can recreate themselves in extraordinary ways at the speed of lightening and beyond. They are "beautifully programmable"!

The present state of food-production in the world, like the money-system, is anything but joy to most people's taste, apart from the people in control - and there are signs that their power is crumbling fast in these very days. However, GMOs and nanochips (not a variety I consciously choose!) may well be with us for a while yet. It occurred to me that, since anything "nano-" is, in fact pre-programmed, will not our rise in conscious choice and awareness also be able to re-program these invaders? To our joy and ease rather than to our demise?

Could not our bodycells be bearers of these joy programs, jumping us into the ease and deliciousness we deeply yearn for? What would it take to join together in a global wave of ecstatic joy, peace, forgiveness and exultant connection with the Bounty of Earth and Her goodness, which would flip the switch of all "negative nanotechnology" within us and around us even more powerfully?

I choose to see and feel within me that deliciousness of those childhood Christmas chips (crisps!) What do you choose?

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