Monday, July 16, 2012

II ...some days


how some days would turn themselves on their heads; not occasionally producing insights from the driest-seeming desert, like an oasis actually being come upon through what seemed like a mirage.

But recently it hadn't been days, but weeks and weeks and weeks; these weeks had been following one another, throwing out shadows which could look real but always seemed to turn into dust. And even the “newest modality” was beginning to feel like a stopgap; yet another way of seeing and knowing which enchanted for a while and then began to fade, while taking ever more energy to pursue.

How the sudden release had come about he hardly remembered, just that it had an irresistible strength unlike anything he could recently recall - a deep insight had exploded into an unexpected challenge. He was trying to get his head around “being god” and “being conscious reality” and “being the feeling” when the words came roaring out of his mouth, “I'm carrying YOUR PAIN! It's not MINE!”

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