Friday, August 17, 2012

Redefining Purpose in Life

actually stopping you being you?

I have spent much of my life pondering, even agonizing over, 3 questions which my teenage school headmaster put to us as questions to help us lead the “Good, Purposeful Life.” These questions have always seemed meaningful to me.


My Purpose has seemed to evolve over the years, originally through language-teaching, and then through playing and composing music in church and concert hall and music theatre, healing and transformation (- embodied modalities such as Source Breathing, Shamanic Practice, versions of “tantra”, etc) and also through deep relationship, making food and wine, gardens etc. to get to a place where it has seemed that I am now being invited to re-connect with my childhood daimon or “genius” more fully.

This year I have been introduced to and been immersing myself in the tools of Access Consciousness™ – much due to Darius Barazandeh's web series' You Wealth Revolution and the just begun Messenger Revolution. Thursday night was a treat for me – first Rikka Zimmerman and then Dain Heer in succession; I always find their sessions deeply inspiring - as well as helping me move and clear blocks I often did not know I had!

Perhaps Dain's and Rikka's greatest gift is their mixture of intense and infectious Joy, gentle tear-bringing Compassion and the ability to turn absolutely everything on its head so that we can know a deeper Truth! It is this last element which has caused me to unlock myself from my teenage headmaster's questions – the lifetime “knowing” and “rekindling” of a “divine purpose” can paradoxically lock us into not being able to be free to be who we truly are!

What if my “purpose” here is to be that happy, innocent and spontaneous being that God created us all as, before the programming started (in the womb) 
- and what if, by letting go of those “responsible questions” I would be freed to live me in the world and thus bless the world by an even fuller potential?

To hear this startling reframing of what we thought would be the “responsible thing to do in this world of problems” go here (it's free to sign up) – the replays of Rikka's and Dain's sessions are available until Sunday midnight.

For my part, I'm journeying towards choosing Joy.
Maybe we can journey together in supportive prayer and intention!

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