Friday, August 10, 2012

Being "difficult"

Have you been good today?

Have you been peaceful and done your mindfulness-stuff? And said peaceable things to everyone and everything around you, and thought and felt only gentle love, even about those things and people that might be pissing you off?

Excellent. You saint, you!

Well, I have a confession. I haven't. After several days of doing the gentle, peaceful bit, I've had a morning doing the opposite.
(after a "homesteading picture" from the early US 20th C)
 And, do you know what? I've not beaten myself up about it. In fact, I've enjoyed seeing the gifts of having these sides to me – it helps me to bring forth all that “other stuff” which is not often looked at in the “enlightened” world.

Much is said these days about “raising our vibration” and “upgrading our frequency” to be able to be part of the Shift of the Ages. May I suggest a slight reformulation of these concepts.

How about an expansion of our vibration and a (multi-dimensional?) widening of our frequencies? Which honours both the Oneness of Divine Creation which we are a part of, and also the multi-layered individuality which is the point of Creation in the first place!

It is so often stated that it is in our shadows that the seeds of our truest gifts are found. I, for one, am enjoying embracing these shadows as well as the expanding beauty of upwards and outwards.

Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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