Friday, August 17, 2012

RE-IMAG(in)ING money

something so radical (especially in today's money climate)
that you may decide “John's finally gone bananas!

Bananas. Yes. In their original, non-toxic form.
The seeds make a tree. The tree grows. When it is large enough, it produces bananas. To eat them we wait till the bananas are sufficiently ripe and then either they fall on us or we pick them. In the original banana-plan, that's all we humans have to do to get their fruit! And then we eat.

Supposing our food, our nourishment, our sustenance were that simple!
And here's the big one; supposing money were that simple!?!

Many religions down the ages, and recently books like Think, and grow rich and films like What the Blink do we know? have suggested to us that we can change what we experience as reality by changing our thoughts. As it says in the Old Testament prophet Isaiah's book My thoughts are not your thoughts....” For the prophet, when we align our thoughts with the Divine, then things can change drastically.

HeartMath and other more explicitly heart-centred ways of living human life would add, and often prefer, something like “Change your heart and change the world around you.” The practical persuasiveness of this can be seen in much of the joining together in effective “remote peace-making” done with the help the internet. What is important here is that the opening of the heart is often accompanied by an expansion of breathing. Again the Old Testament, this time the prophet Ezekiel; “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you....” (... spirit is often the English translation for the Breath of God, that is, the Divine Breath blown into us from when we were born.)

In any energetic system (as in an electrical circuit) when one changes something in one part, everything else begins to change as well. The change-your-thinking and change-your-heart movements have shown much of what can be done in this respect. And yet for some people, me included, their power can be elusive – for me, embodied energy expression seems to be a far more powerful catalyst to start movement in the circuits of life, in ways which seem to “move things on Earth.” 
The recent Gaiagásmic Wave for the Bliss Festival is an example of co-ordinated embodied energy expression leading to the way things “moved on Earth.” 

One of the important aspects of the co-ordinated action is that there is no “locking-in” of intention, no already-decided “best result.” This is very important – the level at which we decide on the outcome beforehand, may well be the level we are stripped of the opportunity to receive that delicious Divine ability to give us even better solutions than we could ever imagine! (Old Testament Isaiah again; “My ways are not your ways!”)

Which brings me back to bananas.

Supposing our thoughts, heartfelt feelings, education, religious and political imprints from down the ages (the indigenous shamans and the Old Testament tell us “... even unto the 7th generation”) and our cell-memories, DNA and inherited/acquired habits & muscle-patterns have locked into us that.....

it requires hard work for me
(and maybe “luck” for “other people”)
to receive money and abundance
we have to earn money
(because “money doesn't grow on trees!”)

Just suppose for a minute (yes, 60 seconds!) that this is a Divine Untruth
Imagine that the supply of money is like the supply of bananas – it seeds itself* - and the only thing we need to do is to put ourselves in receptive mode while suspending judgement!

And feel (the 60 seconds aren't finished yet!) how wonderful it is to receive money and abundance without “earning it” - money as the human birthright, like air and, yes, bananas - an infinite supply, no limits.

And imagine how the world would look if this were a self-evident truth held by all of us!
How would all our lives feel different?

I would like to propose an experiment
which defies all our current levels of thinking, perceiving and feeling. 
That, every Saturday for a month, a group of us do any version of the gaiagásmic wave that “gives us embodied ecstatic joy in that moment” - for example, at either 8am or 11pm1 our local time, with the intention to “know, experience and receive abundant money and joy as an infinite unstoppable stream – our divine birthright!” (leaving the details to the Divine Source!) We know that what we give to others is also what we give to ourselves, and vice versa, so having the intention “around the world” can be a delicious addition to our wave.

What say you? Will you join me?


1 as with last time, one can make one's own “local time” any time which suits one's personal life better!
* “seed money” is in effect what the central banks and governments are doing anyway, except that, in almost all cases, they are doing this from a space of scarcity.
Our wave, however, proposes the Truth of Divine Abundance as also encompassing money-on-Earth, and by changing our energy we are changing how money can be in the world – from problematic scarcity to Ecstatic Easeful Abundance!

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