Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 - one of the best explanations

I have been listening to Kaitlyn Keyt talking to Darius Barazandeh on New Wealth Revolution. Part of the interview was about neutralizing "entities" and part about integrating the up and the down and the light and the dark and the 8-5 female-male pinecone principle which is at the root of all natural and cosmic growth! There was much more.

This interview inspired me to look Kaitlyn up on YouTube and I found a witty and inspiring set of videos whch explained the 2012 vibrations and other experiences we are going through in a very thorough, down-to-Earth fascinating and light-dark, male-female integrated way.

2012 Mayan Calendar: Tree Talk & the IN BETWEEN code

Her perspective is so refreshing. And, as readers of this blog know, I love the idea of integrating the dark with the light so as to be fully experiencing our human-ness, even as we ascend in vibration.

Kaitlyn has developed some amazing products to do with Vibrational Energy Balancing. I especially like the "Vibe" Earth-on-the-bottom water bottles for yoga, cycling and other times one needs drinking water on the go! 

No, I'm not an affiliate, but her presentation could well make me into one!!

PS Yes, there will be more story soon - it's "in the writing", as they say.
And more on my "other types of story" here.

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